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 and Laterlife Learning – Making the most of later life and especially of retirement

Laterlife are the leading retirement specialists in the UK operating both on and off the web for 12 years.

They run open retirement workshops in 37 locations around the UK as well as in-house workshops for both Private and Public sector organisations. They operate a number of web sites, described below, which together aim to provide the best retirement resource in the UK for first planning retirement and then enjoying and making the most of it.

Their success has also recently resulted in their operations being licensed in South Africa

The web site consists of over 3000 pages of valuable and interesting information on every aspect of later life and particularly relating to preparing for and enjoying retirement. It has been described as having a feel of limitless opportunity. It consists of both reference information on a wide variety of ‘later life’ topics and also provides monthly articles on topics of interest to over 50s, operating a little like a monthly magazine. A number of free newsletters each month highlight new articles and offers available to their visitors.

The ‘Planning my retirement’ web site provides a huge resource for planning retirement. For a modest fee it gives access to 3 major resources:

a comprehensive set of guides on every aspect of preparing for retirement

a pre-retirement workshop based on Laterlife’s real world workshops, which consists of 12 modules which can be done all at once or spread to suit the time available

a post-retirement workshop for those who didn’t have the opportunity to do a pre-retirement workshop prior to retirement and who would like to be led through thinking about how they can make even more of their retirement lifestyle

It also offers an interactive ‘How ready are you to retire?’ facility to see how your planning is progressing!

Providing details of Laterlife’s real world Retirement Workshops both open and in-house, the latest schedule of open course around the country and enquiry forms to obtain more details.