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The Later Life Network – the best web sites for making the most of later life



The idea behind the Later Life Network is to bring together complementary quality web sites that are replicas de relojes aimed specifically at the over 50s, or are of heightened interest to the over 50s audience on the web.



Best of the best

No one organisation can be the best at everything, so what we aim to do through the Later Life Network is to bring together the best web sites in each niche area. By so doing we hope to both make visible to everyone over 50 just what quality resources are available and to encourage co-operation between the network sites so that together we keep adding value to what is available for the benefit of all of us over 50.

What you will find

This Later life network site provides an overview of what the founding members of the Network have to offer, so that you can get an overview and then visit the actual sites of those that interest you most for more in depth information.


Free Later Life Network Newsletter

The Later Life Network is a new initiative and will grow gradually too add further great sites. If you would like to receive our periodic newsletter, with highlights from each of the member sites, then just click to sign up for free.